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How Agency Planners Works

With media buying according to San Francisco digital planners, a buyer should evaluate media reach, station structure and pricing, including demographics and not to forget psycho graphics relating to the advertiser’s marketing goals.

The secret was that the media agencies didn’t really have any pre-planning. What happen was agency planners would create some Excel template, RFP document then instruct the media owners to send back all types of media creative ideas and fill out template of media plan. They sent publisher teams into action, producing exciting-looking Power Points and suggested spending rates.

  • Audience Targeting – Contextual/Behavioral
  • Trades with technologies to offer clients deeper transparency that can can result
  • in disinter-mediation due to the increased knowledge of supply pricing.
  • Interactive banners, catalogs and video
  • Premium Display
  • Social Media: directly with agency buys
  • Trade across leading medias to deliver Direct Reponse outcomes for clients
  • Mobile & Tablet Banner