Real Estate and Your Connection

Real estate is a business that develop on in-person system, but it doesn’t mean that agents need not to to cultivate a social media, web design, online video campaign and blogging in their package.

Quite the contrary! Here are some online strategies we can share to you:

  • Develop a slogan or logo for your real estate website, and use it to brand your business.
  • Build a real estate site and use an email address connected with the that same site as your own business email – say no to generic or free email service.
  • A real estate agent who fails to answer a client’s inquiry (phone or email) promptly can lose a client to another agent.
  • Write a blog, and make at least 3-4 entries a week, discussing home and garden type of category content. Connect your contact or about us page to your blog and vice versa.
  • Since Facebook is the world’s largest social network ( a real estate SEO firm can help you) – use it to do advertising both your business and blogs, communicate with prospective clients, get real estate inquiry and show your listing in photos and videos

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